Do you have an odor that karate-chops you in the face?

R86 is a single product that eliminates a range of odors and gives you a choice of application methods which ensures you have a quick and stress-free solution when and where you really need it.

Customize your solution.

Any Surface

Use it where you need it. Hard or soft surfaces, indoors or out.

Any Method

Choose your application method – dry, spray, or liquid form

Any Amount

Control the amount of neutralizing power for each application.


Have you been caught without an answer?

Pet Urination
Your cat uses the carpet as a litter box an hour before the guests are scheduled to arrive.

Stale Home Smell
Your house is going on the market but you can’t get rid of that “lived in” smell.

Skunk Spray
A skunk sprayed your dog and he touched every surface in the house on his way to hide under the bed!

Basement & Crawlspace Odors
Something died in the crawlspace and you can’t get in there to remove it.

Gym & Body Odor
Your gym bag smells like body odor and now your vehicle does too.

Elder Care
You’re caring for a loved-one with a health matter and the circumstances give rise to odor.

So, what does R86 eliminate?


To put it simply… everything. Of course, there are limits to the penetrating ability of R86, such as below carpet pads, soaked-in wood (use a liquid enzyme for these), and behind walls, but the mechanics of how R86 breaks up smells is the same process for every odor. Check out these odors:

Pet Odors


Skunk Spray

Cooking Odors

Daiper Pails &
Trash Cans

Gas and Kerosene

Sweaty Cloths
& Gear

Moth Balls

Dead Rodents

Mattress &
Furniture Smells

Vomit, Urine, Feces

Pet Odors


Skunk Spray

Cooking Odors

Daiper Pails &Trash Cans

Gas and Kerosene

Sweaty Cloths & Gear

Moth Balls

Dead Rodents

Mattress & Furniture Smells

Vomit, Urine, Feces

A single solution for a multitude
of problems. Here’s why...

Mother Nature provides the ingredients for R86. Her pure fragrant plant oils naturally neutralize odor… ANY odor. The pure fragrant plant oils in R86 break up odor molecules in the air like a series of teenage romances, setting the atoms free. As a result of molecular break up, odor is completely neutralized.


Pure Fragrant Plant Oil


Sodium Chloride (Salt)

R86 gets its unique fragrance from the combination of 30-some plant oils. Most people love it, a few people don’t love it as much. Regardless of which side you’re on, the fragrant scent will break down along with the odor it’s neutralizing. Initially, the fragrance will be strong but if you’ve used the correct amount, you’ll be left with a trace scent of R86 and the fresh smell of clean.

How do I apply it?

First, it’s good to know…

R86 is 98.75% salt. Initially, this might seem strange but when you think about the
extraordinary properties of salt, it starts to make sense.

Dissolves in Water

It dissolves into a liquid solution, giving you more ways to use it.


Salt will absorb liquid, creating a dry clump which makes clean-up of fluids easier.

Safe to Touch

Salt won’t harm skin, hands, feet, paws, or hooves; but keep it out of your eyes.

Deters Bacteria.

Salt has been used in food preservation for centuries because it stops or slows bacterial growth.


Salt is an element of the earth and can return to the earth.


It can be ingested, within reason, without side effects. 


It doesn’t react in the presence of other elements or chemicals.


Salt doesn’t combust.


Salt is granular, not powdery. It won’t blow around and get in your sinuses.

Having said that… bring on the options!

You’ll find specific applications and mixing ratios on the label and on the instruction card.
R86 is naturally strong, yet uncommonly gentle.
You can mix R86 with other products because it works mechanically, not chemically.
It’s perfect for everyday use or an unplanned odor emergency.

Sprinkle the crystals directly on the source of the odor. Vacuum or clean up, if necessary.

Add R86 to small containers and set around the room for general air freshening.

Mix R86 in a spray bottle to spritz fabrics and surfaces.

Add to your washing machine, pressure washer, carpet shampooer, or pet bath.

Okay, how can I get R86?

Click “Order Now”

You’ll be zipped over to Amazon where you can place your order. You get all the benefits and protections that Amazon provides, including Prime shipping and their A-to-Z Guarantee.

Locate & Eliminate

Find the source of your unpleasant odor and use the label or instruction card to decide which method will tackle the odor best: wet or dry

Experience Relief

Apply as directed, then enjoy the rest of your day.

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What are the neighbors saying?

Since 2015, Amazon customers have provided feedback for R86 and we’re proud of our results.




R86 continuously maintains a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


With over 650 written reviews, 81% are 4 star and above.

“This is an amazing product! I tried a lot of other odor eliminators but they didn't work for me. I had a rodent die under my park model and the smell was really bad. Less than 24 hours after sprinkling this R86 around where the smell was coming from, the bad odor is totally gone.”

J Lyon

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