How to Use

R86 offers you a choice of application methods for a range of odors. Whether you need to use it wet or dry, each option is simple to apply. The following videos will show you how to mix R86, and offer recommendations for product use.

How to Use R86

Dry method – Sprinkle the crystals directly on the source of the odor, wait 20 min or longer, then vacuum/clean up. Use approx. 2 oz per 100 sq. ft.

Air Freshener – Put 2 Tbsp of R86 in containers and set around the room. Shake to reactivate, replace when fragrance is used up.

Wet method – Mix a ratio of 2 Tbsp per quart in a spray bottle to spritz fabrics & surfaces. Mixture will last about 2 weeks. Mix up to 1 cup per gallon for wash water.

Washing Machine – Premix a solution of R86 and water – 2 Tbsps in 8 oz water and stir to dissolve. Add directly to the washer and begin wash cycle.

Why It’s Different

Stands alone – R86 is the first and only odor eliminator you can use in wet or dry applications.

Versatility – It’s a multi-use product that can replace a variety of single-purpose products; which can save you money.

Natural ingredients – This phrase is overused but it was intended to mean “found in nature” compared to artificially made in a lab. R86 is 100% natural.

Recommended Do’s

Dead animals – Do remove the carcass if possible. If it’s in a wall or unreachable crawl space, the body will continue to decay and R86 will not be able to cancel the odor at it’s source. In general, if you can’t get to or remove the source of the odor, R86 will only be a temporary fix, not a complete solution!

Add R86 to the wash water for your pet if they’ve been sprayed by a skunk. Bathing is more effective than mixing R86 in a spray bottle and spritzing them.

Do understand that R86 is a blend of 30 plus essential oils and the fragrance will be different for everyone. Some people love it, some people straight-up hate it. It’s the proprietary mix that is the secret to the product – it works mechanically to pair with malodor and there’s an oil for every possible smell. It may smell weird (to some people) but that’s how it works.

Do know that the essential oils in R86 are food-grade, meaning they are edible. It’s the same type of natural oil that’s used for flavoring mints, toothpaste, frosting, pastries, cakes, etc. On a food label, essential oils are listed as “natural flavors”; compared to “artificial flavors”.

Do know that R86 is not dusty like a powder and it won’t blow around – this significantly decreases irritation to those with allergies or sinus problems.

Do know that the ingredients list for R86 is: Salt and plant-based, food-grade essential oils. There aren’t any phthalates (the same molecules used in making plastic). It’s not an aerosol, so there are no pressurized chemical propellants. The user has complete control over how they want to use it and in what quantity.

The salt in R86 makes the product a natural antibacterial. The mineral has been used in food preservation for thousands of years for the same reason: it prevents bacteria from growing (including salmonella).

Recommended Don’ts

Animal urine – Repeated soiling that’s penetrated below the carpet/carpet pad/subfloor and wood floors – R86 will penetrate, but not that deep. We suggest using a liquid enzyme product in tandem with R86 for top to bottom odor elimination.

Don’t use more than the recommended amount in water. Using too much R86 will leave a white residue from the salt. If you get a white film, wash the area with clean water and reduce your mixing ratio.

Don’t sprinkle more than recommended. Essential oils are strong by nature and using too much in a small area will be very overpowering. The scent will diminish over time, but it will take a while. Start small and add as needed. The idea of “a little is good, but a lot is better” is a bad motto.

Don’t be afraid to return the product if you’ve used the product as instructed and it doesn’t work. You can return the unused portion for a refund, no questions asked. Having said that, don’t be shady and use all the product and return the bottles just because you want everything for free.

Uses You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Spritz sports equipment that can’t be put in the washing machine, gym bag, and workout shoes.

Fill sachet bags to hang in closets, attic spaces, drawers, entryways, basements, diaper pails, vehicles.

Use in cars/boats/trucks/tractor-trailer sleeping quarters – For spills such as protein shakes, milk, and gas. Neutralize body odor, cigarette smoke, or that “stored smell.”

Use on furniture/upholstery – even leather. Sprinkle directly on odor or create a spray.

For fabrics, be sure to test R86 on a small, inconspicuous area beforehand to test spray mixture (not so much that it leaves a salt residue) and the material is compatible with the essential oils. To date, no one has reported any adverse effects for any material, but it’s best to test.

Set containers of R86 out for general air freshening – around the house, musty basements, newly painted rooms, varnish odors, storage units.

Put R86 in fancy clear glasses and add food coloring to make more ornamental.

Add to floor scrubbers, carpet shampooers, pressure washing farm equipment/livestock trucks/milk trucks.

Put in your washing machine to freshen pet bedding, workout clothes, “barn” clothes.

Food handling facilities/bars/restaurants – Wash down stainless steel equipment, Bar/Restaurant food areas.

Hotel odors of all sorts – Cigarette, carpet, bathroom smells, musty odors from lack of venting.

Health care facilities – Freshen patient rooms, sprinkle in garbage cans, eliminate body fluid odors on surfaces and fabrics, wipe down equipment, and sprinkle in commodes.