Bare Knuckles for a Reason

It’s been said in many marketing articles that “Consumers control the decision-making process when it comes to products and manufacturers need to respond”. Yes; we all enjoy being in control, but what if the response was one of practicality rather than surrender?

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your feedback. We’re happy to reply to all of your comments and let you in on the reasons for certain product decisions.

First, the fragrant plant oils used in R86 are not for odor masking but are the active ingredients within the formula. Each oil has a defined purpose and changing or removing certain oils would be the same as changing or removing ingredients from grandma’s prize-winning cake recipe. It just wouldn’t be the same.

We agree with you that a ready-to-use spray bottle is convenient, but there’s a few things to consider. Spray bottles are recyclable but the sprayer mechanism itself, is not. Almost everyone has a general use spray bottle under their sink or can purchase one from their local hardware store. We really like the idea of reusing a single spray bottle for a year instead of throwing away a single spray bottle every month.

In addition, sprays require enormous amounts of water, a commodity we can’t afford to waste. By providing you with a concentrated granular form of R86, you can mix up a spray only when you need it and only as much as you need for your application.

If you would like to use R86 as a room freshener, it’s really easy to poke around in your recycling bin and find an empty sour cream or margarine container to fill with a couple of tablespoons of granules. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a small crystal bowl that’s collecting dust in your china cabinet. Add a splash of color with food coloring!

Once your R86 bottle is empty, fill it with de-icing salt and sprinkle your walkways in the winter. The easy pour cap is perfect for that and you won’t have to lug around the heavy bag. If you have multiple empty bottles, set one by each door of your house or garage. It’ll be ready when you need it and easy to store away when you don’t.

My Friends, we hope this helps you understand our position. We love simple…and simple is what we will remain. Thank you for asking and thank you for taking a moment to read this.

Much Love,

Team Organic Alternatives, LLC

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