Specific Uses

Below, you’ll find a number of helpful videos for the more common uses of R86. Each video demonstrates application methods and mixing ratios, along with helpful tips.


Estimate/measure the size of your room.

Determine how much R86 to use – 2oz per 100 sq. ft.

Sprinkle R86 over the area.

Wait 20 minutes or more. You’ll know the product is working when the carpet odor and the scent of R86 start to decrease (remember, they will cancel each other out).

Vacuum the carpet well.

Based on the strength of the odor, you may have to apply more than once.


Soiled carpets/rugs – Use “Carpet” method above. For deep soiling, use a liquid enzyme product, also.

Pet bed/bedding – Mix 2 Tbsp per quart of water and spritz. For washing machines, mix 2 Tbsp in 8 oz water and add to washer.

Litter box – Sprinkle 2 oz, adjust as necessary.

Skunk spray – Mix R86 in pet’s bathwater. Start with ¼ cup and adjust as necessary.


Bathrooms, Locker Rooms & Drains

Mix up to 1 cup per gallon of R86 in water to wash floors, walls, and bathroom fixtures.

**Don’t over mix or salt residue will be left behind.**

Put 1 tsp of R86 in drains and urinals. Wait 15 min, flush.

**Do not fill entire drain! Salt will harden like a brick and clog the pipe.**

Dumpsters & Trash Cans

Dumpsters – Spread 4 cups of R86 in and around dumpsters. Reapply as needed or every 3-4 days.

Trash Cans – Sprinkle 2 oz in smaller trash cans. Reapply as needed.

Removing Smoke Odor

Wash water – Add R86 to water to clean hard surfaces. 2 Tbsp per quart or up to 1 cup per gallon.

Spray – Mix 2 Tbsp per quart.

The Gross Stuff

Sprinkle R86 directly on gross stuff, odor will disappear almost instantly.

The salt will absorb moisture and cause the gross stuff to clump up, allowing for easier cleanup.