Notice to Our Customers

Hello everyone. We wanted to tell you about some changes that happened since July 2020, to our Amazon listing. Hopefully, this will reassure you about our dedication to provide and deliver a quality product!

On July 17th, 2020, Amazon stopped the sale of R86 due to comments from customers about receiving damaged product. The comments were made on returns. The same complaint came up multiple times, so the listing was flagged and locked out.

When a twin pack of R86 was returned to Amazon, the product was supposed to be inspected and deemed resalable before restocking. We believe some of the bottles were fully or partially used and/or missing freshness seals. Unfortunately, no documentation exists to verify the inspection process or the extent of the damage. We think the used product was being restocked and sent out again. The new customer received it and returned it for the same reason.

To get R86 back on Amazon, we’ve had to create a new store (Went live on 9/16) and find outside fulfillment; which is why R86 no longer holds Prime status. In addition, the number of warehouses has changed to two, which has changed the delivery times. Lastly, the pandemic has played a roll in deciding which products are essential and R86 has lost category preference due to that.

It’s not all bad, though! We’re still here and have no intention of stopping! The R86 listing is back up and, most importantly, WE WILL BE ABLE TO CONTROL QUALITY!!! You will receive nothing but the freshest R86 Odor Eliminator and all returns will be sent directly back to the manufacturing facility, not the fulfillment center.

I would also like to mention another online seller of R86. We’ve spoken with a respectable company here in the Midwest that manufactures herbal products and they’ve agreed to add R86 to their online store. Product is available in the same twin pack quantity and shipping is FREE (Just enter the code)! This ships from Illinois, so if you’re close, it will cut down the shipping time. Here’s the link:


We would like to thank everyone who has reached out to inquire about the missing listing. It reaffirms for us that R86 is a good product and people like using it. We’ll do everything we can to regain your confidence and provide the best service and prices for R86.

Thank you so much for hanging in there with us! Enjoy the fall season and be well.

Sandy Kerschner and Joanne Van Den Heuvel
Organic Alternatives, LLC

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