How to Remove Smell from Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Smelly drains, bathrooms, and locker rooms can be tough odors to get rid of. Thankfully R86 Industrial Odor Eliminator doesn’t just cover up the smells, it eliminates them completely.

R86 is the most advanced industrial odor eliminator that is both safe and non-toxic!

To remove odors from bathrooms, locker rooms, and drains, follow these simple steps:

Mopping of Floors, Walls, Showers, and Toilets:

Mix 1 cup of R86 per gallon of water

Remember, don’t overmix R86, as it can leave a white residue from our salt-based formula. If that happens, simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove the residue.

Cleaning Drains and Urinals:

Add 1 tsp of R86
Wait 15 minutes

It is important not to fill the entire drain, as it can harden, becoming difficult to remove, and can clog pipes.

To order R86, go to Amazon.com, or for bulk sales, send us a message through our Contact Form

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