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R86ProductShotWhat is in R86 Industrial Odor Eliminator?

R86 is made with over 30 natural ingredients. We use a complex combination of industry standard safe food grade essential oils and a specialized absorbent salt. That’s it.

How does R86 Industrial Odor Eliminator work?

Specialized absorbent salt is one of the keys to the effectiveness of R86 Industrial Odor Eliminator. The sponge-like molecular structure enhances the absorption of malodor and converts them to non-odors. Also, fragrance (less than 2%) is carried in the air and pairs with malodor. Scent pairing causes odors to cancel each other out without ever making contact with the odor’s source.

Can I use the product wet or dry?

Yes! R86 Odor Eliminator is the only odor eliminator of its kind that can be used as a dry powder or mixed in water to create a spray, solution for a simmer pot, power wash, drains, garbage disposals, port-a-potties, laundry and more.

Can I mix R86 Odor Eliminator with other cleaning products?

Yes! One outstanding feature of R86 Odor Eliminator is it’s compatibility with other products. R86 works mechanically rather than chemically; therefore will not detract from the effectiveness of other products. R86 is an ideal additive for deodorizing rinses because its surfactants cause water to become “wetter” by lowering the surface tension. This is especially important in the food industry where sheeting action of water is necessary to completely contact all environmental and working surfaces and work into those hard to reach places.

Will R86 Odor Eliminator harm people or animals?

No. R86 is made from food grade ingredients and table salt. Animals show no interest in the product and it’s safe for human consumption (although I wouldn’t put it on my eggs). If someone or something were to eat large volumes of it, the salt would cause them to vomit.

Is R86 Odor Eliminator corrosive?

Due to the salt content, R86 Odor Eliminator is corrosive after prolonged exposure to cement, metal, and vegetation.

Does R86 Odor Eliminator have a fragrance?

Yes. R86 uses food grade essential oils as part of its complex formulation. The fragrance pairs with malodors and cancels them out. The scent is a subtle vanilla scent.

Is R86 Odor Eliminator flammable?

No. There are no combustible ingredients.

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