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How to Remove Smoke Odors from Your Home

Does your home have lingering smoke odors from a fire or cigarette smoke? R86 Industrial Odor Eliminator deodorizes smoke smell from hard and soft surfaces throughout your home! R86 is the most advanced industrial odor eliminator that is both safe and non-toxic. To remove the odor from any kind of smoke, follow these directions: To clean hard surfaces: Add 2 tablespoons of R86 per quart of water or 1 cup of R86 per gallon of water To clean soft surfaces: Use a mix of two tablespoons of R86 per quart of water in a spray bottle to spritz down soft materials like curtains, upholstery, bedding, and clothing For more serious smoke odors, repeated applications may be necessary. To order R86, →

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How to Get Skunk Smell Off Of Your Dog

Pet parents dread the day that their furry friend gets sprayed by a skunk! Skunk smell can be tough to get out, but R86 is the most advanced industrial odor eliminator that is both safe and non-toxic for pet odors!   To remove skunk smell from pets using 86 Industrial Odor Eliminator, follow the steps below! If your pet comes into contact with a skunk mix, a quarter cup of R86 in the pet’s bathwater.  Adjust as necessary – Remember some skunks have spray that is more potent than others! That means more or less R86 will be needed to be effective in that case. To order R86, go to Amazon.com, or for bulk sales, send us a message through →

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Notice to Our Customers

Hello everyone. We wanted to tell you about some changes that happened since July 2020, to our Amazon listing. Hopefully, this will reassure you about our dedication to provide and deliver a quality product! On July 17th, 2020, Amazon stopped the sale of R86 due to comments from customers about receiving damaged product. The comments were made on returns. The same complaint came up multiple times, so the listing was flagged and locked out. When a twin pack of R86 was returned to Amazon, the product was supposed to be inspected and deemed resalable before restocking. We believe some of the bottles were fully or partially used and/or missing freshness seals. Unfortunately, no documentation exists to verify the inspection process →

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